Veiled Heat - January 20, 2009

ISBN 978-1-60504-365-4
Length Novella
Price $3.50
Cover art by Anne Cain

Heat and need lie below the veil…

A Heat Series story.

Demoted and tossed into the farthest reaches of the universe, Trooper Callie Justice finds herself surrounded by the Ventura’s crew of slackers, dimwits and delinquents. The depressing realization that her career is over, combined with her uncontrollable lust for the ship’s sexy captain, confirms it—she’s losing her mind.

Captain Rafe Vantry led with his ego when he bet he could take the worst ship in the fleet and turn it around. But nothing on the Ventura works, least of all the crew—and the idea he’s going to lose seriously pisses him off. On top of that, the Relaxation Program has malfunctioned, matching him with an unknown woman for a night of anonymous sex. His strict sense of protocol forbids it, but the lure of losing himself in a woman’s body proves too great.

As things heat up between Callie and Rafe in the cool, silent darkness of the Relaxation Chamber, everything around them falls apart. A supervirus is running rampant, and Rafe’s suspicions of sabotage grow stronger when Callie’s personnel files mysteriously disappear.

When the veil is finally lifted, the glaring light of truth will reveal what is real—and what could destroy them all.


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Escape with two fantastic stories! Leigh's best seller IN HEAT and a bonus novella DESERT HEAT!!

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ISBN-10: 1605041173




Icy Heat (re-release) - June 6, 2008

ISBN: 978-1-60504-038-7
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50
Publication Date: June 6, 2008
Cover art by Anne Cain

A masked man with a burning secret is her only hope.

A Heat series story.

Aidan has only days to acquire a magic Globe to exchange for her brother’s freedom. With the clock counting down, she turns to Warwick the Enforcer for help. As her lies pile up and the passion between them builds, Aidan tries to keep her mind on her mission and ignore the man who lights her fire.

Warwick has spent his life preparing for revenge against the man who killed his parents and sentenced him to an existence behind a mask. But when Aidan calls in a debt he owes her, he cannot say no. The attraction he thought was one-sided explodes between them and he is shocked to find himself burning to possess her. One thing after another goes wrong—and Warwick discovers Aidan is working for his hated enemy.

As things spiral into danger they could never have imagined, passion burns into a love that could destroy them both.


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This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.

In Heat (re-release) - April 4, 2008

Leigh's best selling book is coming back, longer and filled with sexy adventure!!

ISBN: 1-59998-907-7
Length: Category
Price: 4.50
Publication Date: April 4, 2008
Cover art by Anne Cain

A mating ritual as old as time could be the death of them both…

Jax’s yearly mating cycle couldn’t come at a more inconvenient time. He’s on the verge of ending seven years of exile and claiming his birthright, but for 24 hours he’ll be vulnerable to his enemies, alone and in agony—unless he can find a willing partner. He thinks he’s found the perfect solution in the beautiful slave Waverly. He’ll buy her at any price, and after it’s over, he’ll give her the one thing all slaves crave. Freedom.

But Waverly isn’t really a slave. She’s a transport pilot double crossed by Junkeaters and sold to a notorious gunrunner. Escape is the only thing on her mind—and she better disappear fast, before her own heat reaches a crescendo.

Before she can slip away, the overpowering need to mate crashes over them, the intensity taking them both by surprise. But the Inter-World Council is out to hang Jax for a crime he didn’t commit, Junkeaters are hot on their trail, and ruthless arms traders are gunning for them.

Their passion may burn hot enough to last a lifetime, but first they must survive.


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"Leigh Wyndfield's style will rope you in from page one." Kelly McDonough, The Best Reviews

4.5 Ribbons at Romance Junkies - "Deception, subterfuge, and danger add elements of thrills and chills to this tale but it is the stunning love story between Jax and Waverly that makes this story a cut above the rest." Sarah W.

This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.

Secret Obsession - Feb 4, 2008

Running from his bed might save her sanity, but he won’t let her go without a fight.  

Three years ago, Clemant Taylor left Blue Island to escape her secret obsession with Wade Tawes, the son of her clan’s greatest enemy. But when the head of her family becomes ill, she is forced to return to Blue—at the risk of succumbing once more to Wade’s irresistible sexual lure.  

Promising herself she won’t be enticed again into having mind-blowing sex with him, she vows to focus only on stopping the escalating violence between their clans and the collapse of the island’s way of life. 

Wade Tawes, now the head of a family that has long sworn to seek retribution against the Taylors, is stuck between loyalty to his clan and his love for Clemant. He doesn’t know how he’ll do it, but he plans to force his family to accept his choice, after he finds out who’s really behind the vandalism that is ripping the island apart. And after he convinces Clemant that she really does love him.  

But the feud heats up, blood is spilled, and pressure for revenge mounts on both sides. Wade and Clemant must find a way to heal the rift between their clans—or their world will implode, leaving them both empty and alone. 


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4 Blue Ribbons! "Chesapeake Bay and the taste of the sea come to vivid life through the pen of Leigh Wyndfield. Red hot passion, danger and small town politics and prejudices all combine to make a story you will want to read again." Scarlet ~ Romance Junkies

5 Stars, O! "Secret Obsession is everything I want in an erotic romance, plus a bit of suspense." Stefani Clayton ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Hearts and Sweetheart Pick! "The love scenes sizzle, the emotions thicken the plot and make for tense reading, and the array of sly characters makes for even more mystery. Clem and Wade stole my heart in this story. Their happily ever after seemed impossible but fortunately, there are plenty of surprises that make the impossible truly possible." Sarah W. ~ The Romance Studio

Hot Visions

Jan 8th, 2008

Re-release of previous book.

Hot visions and cold murder combine for the ride of their lives…

Susan Wright has a “gift” that she’s always considered a curse. She can True See. With a touch, she can See long hidden events of other people's lives. Fear of stealing someone's memories has made intimacy and love impossible for her. But for one single night of pleasure with the man of her dreams, she's willing to set aside her fears and isolation.

Jake Matherly has wanted Susan for months, and when she shows up at his apartment, his desire for her breaks free. Little does he know that Susan will See his most closely guarded secret.

When Susan, her visions, and Detective Matherly become entangled in a murder investigation, everyone's secrets will be revealed. Especially since Susan has not only stumbled onto a murder victim, she has also Seen the killer....

With a great plot, in-depth characters, and twists and turns that keep the reader on their toes, this is one recommended read that I thoroughly enjoyed immensely. Linda L. Fallen Angels



Desert Heat

October 30th, 2007

4.5 Blue Ribbons!  "The entire premise of predator and prey made me shiver in anticipation and I have to admit, DESERT HEAT really delivered." Natasha Smith ~ Romance Junkies

Once the hunter catches her scent, there's no turning back.

While trying to deliver life-saving medicine to her village, Tannar runs afoul of a party of slavers. The women of her race, the Morjan, are mercilessly hunted for their highly prized sexual prowess. Never mind that once enslaved, Morjans soon die. Wealthy men from far and wide will stop at nothing to possess one.

Complicating matters, as Tannar runs for her life she unexpectedly comes into heat. She takes refuge in a cave, desperate to escape yet frantic to mate.

Nicolas Rentard is forced by Prince Dante to use his uncanny hunting skills to capture a Morjan woman. He follows Tannar's enticing scent and runs her to ground.

But once he enters the cave, she's not the only one ensnared.





Secrets Volume 20 - Surrender to Pleasure
Leigh Wyndfield, Amber Green, Dominique Sinclair, Charlotte Featherstone
ISBN 1603100008

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Morgann Right has a problem. Her Commanding Officer-cool, calm, always in control Osborn Welty-has been drugged with Stasis, turning him into a living, breathing statue she's forced to take care of for ten long days. As her hands smooth down soft skin over rock hard muscles, she suddenly sees her CO in a totally different light. She wants him and, while she can tell he wants her, touching him intimately just might come back to haunt them both when the Stasis drug wears off.


Secrets Volume 14
Leigh Wyndfield, Alexa Aames, Angela Knight, Jennifer Barlowe
ISBN 0975451642

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When Rip Bowhite leads a revolt on the prison planet called the Velopit, he never anticipates that the Inter-world Council will abandon the planet without a fight, leaving prisoners, guards, and even the administrative personnel to survive against the monsters that rule the night. As his men start dying from an unknown illness, Rip is forced to capture the prison’s Healer, Jemma. If she can’t find a cure, they’re all going to die, unable to defend the fences that protect them against the Raptors.

With their lives at stake, Jemma will heal the prisoners, but won’t allow herself to be distracted by the instant and overpowering attraction she feels for Rip. Until that passion flares to dizzying heights. But with the monsters closing in on them each night, Jemma’s life rapidly spirals out of control. As the stakes are raised and death seems near, love and trust seem doomed in the heat of the night.


Night Whispers - Dark Heat
Leigh Wyndfield, Delilah Devlin, Myla Jackson, Vivi Anna

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Dark Heat by Leigh Wyndfield: When healer Caelan angers her King, she's thrown into prison where she bargains her body to a warrior for protection. Their special powers unite, turning lust into something unforeseen. Soon they are forced to choose between freedom and their growing love.

Review Snippet: Leigh Wyndfield kept me on the edge of my seat through this whole book. Dark Heat is full of adventure, intrigue, magic, and love with plenty of hot sex thrown in. <It is> a well written fantasy sure to keep you reading until the last page. Holly-Euroreviews

Sagittarius - The Hanging Man
Leigh Wyndfield
ISBN 1-59578-183-8

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In another world, the Sagittarius and Taurus people are at war. The Taurean King spurns all things magical, including his own daughter’s hidden powers. An outcast, Gabriella Etall ghosts through the castle, forever alone, banned from going forth into the outside world so her magic will not be discovered by the kingdom’s magic-hating subjects. When she stumbles upon a captured Sagittarius hanging in the castle dungeon, she feels the hum of another’s magic on her skin for the first time. Now, she will have to decide if she will betray her family for one night of bliss or let her chance for fulfillment pass her by forever.


Secrets Volume 12 - White Heat
Leigh Wyndfield, Dominique Sinclair, Jess Michaels, Saskia Walker
ISBN 0975451626

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Raine has spent the last few years avenging her murdered team, but the cost has been high. She’s hiding in an icehouse in the middle of nowhere from one of the scariest men in the universes. Walker escapes from a burning prison, staggering to safety. Imagine their surprise when they find out they have the same man to blame for their miseries. Passion, revenge and love are in their future.

  • 4 1/2 Stars from RT Bookclub
  • 5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews and a Recommended Read
  • 4.5 Ribbons from Romance Junkies
  • 5 Stars from Harriet Klausner on B&


Ain't Your Mama's Bedtime Stories- Little Red, the Wolf, and the Hunter
Leigh Wyndfield, Dee S. Knight, Jasmine Haynes, Dakota Cassidy, , Rae Morgan, Sydney Morgann, Vanessa Hart
ISBN 1-937161-75-2


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Little Red, The Wolf and The Hunter
Leigh Wyndfield

On her way to Grandmother's house, Sybil Hood confronts the creepy Simon Wolf. Hot on Simon's trail, Mark Hunter is determined to bring down the deranged serial killer. When both Sybil and Mark fall into the madman's clutches, their courage is tested as they join forces not only to survive, but to defeat the big, bad Wolf.


4 Stars - Robin, RT BOOKclub

"This is definitely a keeper. Don't pass this anthology up. Buy it now!" - Pat, Sensual Romances

BEDTIMES is named the Best Erotic Anthology!




Spies and Lovers
Leigh Wyndfield
ISBN 1-59578-029-7

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Chilly Winthrop is a Free Federation soldier, but now the higher-ups order her to infiltrate the enemy Coplon camp posing as a prostitute. Her mission – rescue a captured comrade before the Coplon's torture vital Free Federation information out of him. Her contact – Federation spy Foster Mallory. She knew him before her life turn upside down, before her marriage failed and everyone learned of her flaw. But now, with their lives on the line, she falls for Foster hard and fast. Will he still want her when he finds out she's damaged goods?

To Foster Mallory there's nothing wrong with Chilly Winthrop. He'll take her any way he can have her. When she shows up in the Coplon’s camp, his desire borders on insanity. Especially now that her marriage is over. But first, they have to make it through this mission alive, and the odds of that are stacked against them as their plan begins to unravel.


Resolutions - For Sale by Owner
Leigh Wyndfield, Vanessa Hart, Jasmine Haynes, Dee S. Knight
ISBN 1-931761-81-7

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For four women, secret New Year's resolutions turn into romantic adventures that lead them to the loves of their lives. As they set their goals for the coming year, none of them anticipate the twists and turns they will encounter. Nor the hot passion they find.

Resolutions. Promises made to oneself for the coming year. Everyone makes them occasionally, but only a few live them to the fullest.

For Sale By Owner by Leigh Wyndfield Jenna Perry longs for a home and family, but her gypsy spirit has always gotten in the way. Taking charge of her future, she buys the house that calls to her. But all good things come with a price and hers is Trent Long, her next door neighbor, and the rudest man she's ever met. If only he wasn't so sexy...


4 1/2 Stars TOP PICK! - RT BookClub

4 1/2 Stars "All four of these authors are a treat to read separately and together they are pure pleasure." - Vikky, A Romance Review

4 1/2 Flames "Four amazing and delightful friends together with four equally amazing and delightful authors bring a little something extra to their readers and keep us coming back for more." - Tracey, Sizzling Romances



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